Wrist Type Veterinary Ultrasound

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P/n 21.8010V - Wrist Type Veterinary Ultrasound

Ideal ultrasound solution for pregnancy scanning small to large animals
Easy to use
Ergonomically designed
Splash-resistant and dust tight
Supplied with multi-frequency probe
Supplied in robust carry case

Optional extras
Car charger
Additional rechargeable battery

Technical Specifications


Screen size 3.5", TFT colour LCD
Probe Multi-frequency sector probe
Frequency 2.5/3.5/5.0 MHz
Depth Max 160mm
Scan Angle 78 degrees
Gray Shade 256 levels
Scan Depth 70˜240mm, adjustable
Built-in Memory Up to 128 frames
Common Measurement Distance, Area, Volume, Heart Rate 
OB Measurement Sheep/Goat - USD
Pig - HL
Bovine - BL, SL, HL
Cat - HD, BD
Dog - BD, GSD, CRL, HD, BD
AC Adaptor 110 ˜ 240V, 50/60Hz
Battery Internal Li ion battery pack
More than 2.5 hrs for continuous working
Fully charges batteries in 2hrs
Weight 340g including the battery
Dimensions 32x38x12 cm

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