Compact Circle Absorber

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Revolutionary Technology to eliminate cross infection, a clean, fresh breathing circuit for every patient.

Compact circle absorber with integrated uni-directional valves, exhaust (APL) valve and 30 mm scavenging port.

Unique Exhaust Valve

  • Adjustable Pressure limiting (APL) exhaust valve, integrated into the absorber and incorporates the scavenging port.
  • Spontaneous Breathing: Open valve by rotating one turn anti-clockwise: excess gases in the circuit are automatically vented without the need for adjustment. The breathing bag remains distended even at low flow rates.
  • Positive pressure: Close valve by rotating one turn clockwise. Alternatively the central spindle can be held down during inflation and intermittently released.


  • Manufactured from high impact medical grade materials. Shock resistant, circular design.
  • Autoclavable: guaranteed for 50 cycles at 132°C for 4 minutes. With care the number of cycles is significantly increased
  • Contains 400g approx. of absorbent with a life of 160 mins. continuous at low flows (0.5l/min) but considerably longer with intermittent use of higher flows (in access of 4 hours)
  • Filling is through a rear opening fitted with a removable latex free bung. A calibrated funnel is available
  • Resistance is negligible: the large diameter non-return silicone valves are built into the absorber
  • Rear entry fresh gas outlet: direct hose attachment or optional connector.
  • Volume in the breathing bag is maintained with the valve in the open position even at low flows - a perennial problem with existing adjustable pressure limiting valves.

Ordering information
P/n A000903 - Re-usable and Refillable Compact Circle Absorbers with 2 ltr Bag and Breathing Circuit
P/n A000904 - Re-usable Refillable Compact Circle Absorber only
P/n A001904 - Patient Circuit Absorber only
P/n A001903 - Wall/Machine Bracket for Compact Circle Absorber

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