BRAU5030CA X-Ray Baggage Scanner

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Weighing 160 kg and having an ergonomic design the BRAU5030CA can be easily relocated through most doorways and deployed even in restricted space areas without any need for special equipment or staff.

The unique touch screen interface based on advanced software tools provides easy, quick and effective operation.

Automatic outlining of dangerous objects considerably reinforces accountability and consistent threat detection.

The innovative technologies implemented in the BRAU5030CA enable accurate detection of metal and organic objects, weapons, explosives, liquids, narcotics, contraband etc.

The BRAU5030CA is a self contained solution intended to significantly improve checkpoint security without any negative effect on the operational process and throughput.


Ideal for use in:
· Law enforcement
· Governmental Buildings
· Embassies and Consulates
· VIP Residences
· Hotel Complexes
· Shopping Malls
· Schools and Universities
· Mail rooms
· Public Events Venues
· Cruise Ships


Tunnel dimensions (WxH): 532 x 332 mm
Conveyor speed: 0,22±0,03 m/s
Load on the conveyor: Max 75 kg
Generator: 160kV operating at 100kV
Angle of radiation: 77 degrees
Steel penetration: 14 mm
Wire detectability: 40 AWG
Dual-energy detector: Yes
Number of colours within the x-ray image: 4
Dimensions (LxWxH): Max 1250 x 695 x 790 mm
Weight: 160kg

Software Features

 List of Software features available to an operator
· High density objects alarm feature
· Outlining of dangerous objects (which could be identified as drugs, explosives or weapons)
· Highlighting of objects with calculated atomic numbers of 7, 8 and 9 intended to assist operator with threat detection
· Threat Image Projection function
· Pseudo-colouring of images
· Contrast adjusting of strongly absorbing objects
· Gamma-correction of images
· Images inversion
· Optimisation of the overall contrast: combination of edge enhancement and local contrast enhancement algorithms
· Zooming in (up to 96x)
· Quick system start-up (about 10 sec)
· Image scrolling

Ease of Use

 · Compact and movable conveyor-type system for contact free inspection
· Display racking mechanism helping to articulate display and secure the touchscreen under a tamper-proof cover
· Cost effective solution lowering your expenses for security staff training
· Image archiving feature with on-board or networked data storage
· Complete customisation - from the external design to extended functional capabilities
· The image review function provides an effective and quick secondary image check
· Optional cart or roller tables for easy relocation
· Large set of image processing tolls for simple and extensive manipulations
· Simple, multi-language and user friendly touch screen interface at 18.5" monitor with resolution not less than 1766 x 768
· Remote diagnostic software

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