Overt Tactical Vest

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The Braun Overt Tactical Vest is designed for maximum protection for non combatant users in high threat zones.

This ballistic system benefits from

  • A large area of ballistic and fragmentation protection including shoulders, collar and groin which are all fully removable
  • A modular loading system allowing customisation with pouches and other modular equipment.
  • Rifle plate pockets front and rear which can be upgraded using Hard Armour Plates (sold separately)

By utilising new materials on the market the body armour is lightweight, flexible, and thin in comparison to other vests on the market. The system inside is made up of soft armour panels and a hard armour panel in front and rear. This enables the protection of the vest to include shots from such rifles as an AK47.


  • NIJ level IIIA (3A) Soft Armour Panels
  • Front, back, side, collar, groin and shoulder protection
  • CE marked for ergonomics and comfort
  • Product tested to the latest standard – (NIJ IIIA 0101.06 standards)
  • Flexible and thin moulding to the bodies shape
  • Lightweight material heat sealed in a water proof bag

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