Explosive Ordnance Disposal Suit

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Through integrating leading edge materials and world class garment engineering, the BDS 2015 EOD suit combines maximum protection with unrivalled mobility. The suit's lightweight design allows for extended wear and integrates cooling and ventilation to reduce fatigue.

The mobility and protection offered by the BDS 2015 suit delivers superior performance when used for disposal strategies based on the gathering of forensic evidence. This technique is favoured by the UK MoD and an increasing number of countries worldwide.

The BDS 2015 suit consists of:
Articulated, blast de-coupling breast plate
Blast mitigating helmet and collar
Integrated cooling system
Quick release mechanism for both jacket and legs
Low profile face mask fits under standard helmet
Full-body protection with maximum freedom of action

Suits are available in five 'mix and match' sizes and a range of colours. All inner and outer layer elements are washable.


High Protectionbds1
The textile components of the BDS 2015 suit combines specialist materials with leading engineering to provide the highest levels of protection as well as outstanding mobility.
All seams are specially constructed to resist both ruptures and blasts, the Meta- aramid outer skin provides water resistance and fire protection.

Superior Mobilitybds2
The lightweight, ergonomic construction of BDS 2015 suit provides the user with the vital operational flexibility for EOD assignments, including crouching and climbing.

The tubular construction of the suit's trousers, 'telescopic' shoulder and knee sections allow free movement with full body ballistic and blast protection.

Quick Release Technologybds3
The BDS 2015 Suit can be removed by the user in less than 20 seconds, providing fast emergency removal without compromising on protection

Leading Helmet Design
Through utilising cutting edge streamline and compact helmet design, the BDS 2015 suit affords the wearer better protection against radial and linear head acceleration during a blast event than standard designs.


The BDS 2015 streamlined helmet integrates scratch resistant glass, a built-in heated visor and a balanced battery pack to provide the user with unrestricted vision and high level protection.

Quick Releaseqr
Integrated quick release functions for both jacket and trousers allows for extraction in less than 20 seconds

CBRN Protection
The optional CBRN protection system is a comfortable and non-abrasive undergarment including a bodysuit, booties, gloves and an integrated balaclava and mask.

The BDS 2015 CBRN facemask has been developed specifically to fit under the standard helmet. This low profile facemask is attached to the balaclava with hose connections on either side of the mask

The blast de-coupling BDS2015 breastplate, developed from advanced composite technology minimises the transmission of shockwave energy to the user's torso. The innovative three-piece telescopic construction delivers high flexibility with no loss of blast de-coupling capability.

Cooling Systemcool
Cooling is provided inside the BDS 2015 suit by a built-in-battery powered ventilation system that fits neatly into pouches at the rear of the suit and provides air to head and body areas sufficient for a one- hour operation running at full power.

Back Protection
The BDS 2015 integrated back protector provides blunt trauma protection whilst also delivering cooling air with the required flexibility and manoeuvrability required for EOD and CBRN assignments

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