Drive Through Mobile Cargo Scanner (BRAU1980)

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It is a compact stand-alone mobile X-ray scanning system, which can be easily deployed and transported by a standard container truck. The mobile vehicle inspection system is perfectly suited for spot checks in most location. With 5 MeV accelerator it can penetrate up to 250 mm of steel and inspect up to 60 trucks per hour. The system can be deployed using a standard crew in less than 120 minutes. The electrical generator incorporated into the system allows its use without the need for local infrastructure.


Intended Use


  • State-of-the-art high-energy low-dose X-ray scanner with portal-shaped detection system for inspection of loaded vehicles (container or general cargo), designed with innovative "drive-thru" technology.


  • Designed for inspection of containers and vehicles for identification of the cargo compliance to the transportation documents, detection of contraband, illegal drugs, weapon and other dangerous objects.


  • Designed for operation at seaports, traffic control points, customs, temporary storage warehouse and other places where total 100% cargo inspection is necessary.

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