BRAU160180 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

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The BRAUA160180 X-ray inspection system was designed for visual inspection of medium palletized cargo (up to 3000 kg) and the detection of threats and forbidden items. This system complies with the demand of customs facilities, warehouses, transportation operations, carriers, parcel services and airports. This X-ray screening system is the best security solution for inspection of small and mid-size cargo transported on standard lower deck pallets. The low conveyor of the x-ray machine makes easier to load and unload cargo and goods.

The X-ray baggage scanner works for the detection of weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, primers and dangerous objects, which represent a safety hazard. This is a very effective and reliable security equipment.

Dual energy imaging technology provides automatic color-coding of materials with different atomic numbers that helps operators identify suspicious objects and prevent threats, as well as to avoid repeat scans and time consuming unpacking of cargo and parcel.

This very system is designed for shorten the inspection time and provide quality images. The scanner integrates easily into any existing operational process.

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