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The Vaporiser is designed for incorporation in the fresh gas supply system of continuous flow anaesthesia machine, directly connected between the flowmeter and the common gas outlet of the machine.

It provides accurate concentrations of anaesthetic drugs in the fresh gas supply, in accordance with the setting of the control dial, when the fresh gas supply flow is between 0.2 and 15 litres/min.

The vaporiser is temperature, flow and pressure compensated and is incorporated with a safety interlock mechanism.

Available in pour fill module (screw cap filler) with 3 variations of compatibility block.

P/n BV00805 - Enflurane Vaporiser
P/n BV00810 - Isoflurane Vaporiser
P/n BV00815 - Sevoflurane Vaporiser
P/n BV00820 - Halothane Vaporiser

For the required compatibility block add the following to the end of the product code
S - Selecatec™ Compatible with Interlock (Selectatec ™ is a Datex Ohmeda Trademark)
D - Drager Plug In™ with Interlock (Plug In™ is a Drager Trademark)
AD - North America Drager Compatible Interlock

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