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MDS8020 Portable Walkthrough Metal Detector

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MDS 8020 is a high sensitivity digital walkthrough metal detector that uses electromagnetic testing and digital processing technology. It has a high detection sensitivity of the magnetic metal and non magnetic metal and good recognition of personal items such as coins, keys, belt buckles etc.

Main Features
· Small metals such as paper clips can be detected; suitable for high level security inspection
· With multi-zone (24) high brightness LED lights and indicates area for accurate location with sound alarm
· Combine digital and simulated technology, super high anti-interference ability to reduce the alarm error
· Self diagnosis on start up, running status monitoring, error alarm with sound and light
· Outer cover made from high strength material, waterproof, fireproof, anticorrosion and shockproof
· Modular design, easy installation and maintenance
· TCP/IP network function


· Stadiums/Arenas
· Airport
· Train/Bus Station
· Factories
· Banks
· Tourist Attractions

Technical Specifications

Detection Sensitivity: A small pin can be detected
Sensitivity level: Adjustable 255 levels sensitivity in each zone, effective sensitivity 255 in the whole unit
Detecting zone: Accurate alarm in single or multi-zone (up to 24) according to requirements
Display Monitor: LCD Screen
Audible alarm: Adjustable volume in high, medium and mute levels; Adjustable audio frequency automatically according to the size of contraband
Light warning bar: Multi zones LED light warning bar
Operation authorisation: Password protection
Counter: 100% accurate counting on alarming time and number of passengers; Maximum displaying and storage numeric data is 100,000
Factory default resetting
Quick reset to factory default

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