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X-Ray Front Tube Stand

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P/n 30.0170 - X-Ray Front Tube Stand (Floor to Ceiling)

P/n 30.0172 - X-Ray Front Tube Stand (Floor Mounted)


Designed for heavy duty usage with all tables and erect bucky stands assuring a wide and precise tube positions with stability, rigidity of the tube arm and support capacity.


Fully counterbalanced providing all positions and angulations.

Technical Specifications


P/n 30.0170
Floor to Ceiling
Floor Mounted
Rails - Floor 2,440 mm L
Rails - Ceiling 2,440 mm L
Stand - Vertical 650 - 1,900 mm
Stand -Transversal 880 - 1,230 mm
Stand - Longitudinal Min. 1,400 mm Min. 1,600 mm
Stand - Rotating of Vertical Column 180º manual detents at
each 90º positions
Rotating of Horizontal X-ray Beam ± 180º manual lock
Lock Release System Electromagnetic Lock Electromagnetic Lock
Lock Release System Vertical, Transverse,
Longitudinal, Rotating
Components Tube Stand
Tube Arm & Ring
Base Assembly
Floor/Ceiling Rails
Angle Indicator
Tube Stand
Tube Arm & Ring
Base Assembly
Floor Rails
Angle Indicator
Power Requirements DC 24V DC 24V
Dimensions 2100x1020x2150H mm




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