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X-Ray Front Tube Stand

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Tube Stands


Designed for heavy duty usage with all tables and erect Bucky stands.

Assures wide and precise tube positions with stability, rigidity of the tube arm and support.

Fully counterbalanced providing all positions and angulations.


Floor to Ceiling
Floor Mounted
Rails - Floor 2,440 mm L
Rails - Ceiling 2,440 mm L
Stand - Vertical 650 - 1,900 mm
Stand -Transversal 880 - 1,230 mm
Stand - Longitudinal Min. 1,400 mm Min. 1,600 mm
Stand - Rotating of Vertical Column 180º manual detents at
each 90º positions
Rotating of Horizontal X-ray Beam ± 180º manual lock
Lock Release System Electromagnetic Lock Electromagnetic Lock
Lock Release System Vertical, Transverse,
Longitudinal, Rotating
Components Tube Stand
Tube Arm & Ring
Base Assembly
Floor/Ceiling Rails
Angle Indicator
Tube Stand
Tube Arm & Ring
Base Assembly
Floor Rails
Angle Indicator
Power Requirements DC 24V DC 24V
Dimensions 2100x1020x2150H mm




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