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Dentall Radiographic Unit

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30.0743 Dental Radiographic Unit Wall Model

30.0744 Dental Radiographic Unit Desk Model

Product Features

Radiographic unit that takes advantage of the most modern technique applied to dental radiology.

Lightweight and compact, all functions are integrated into the engine block.

Its light weight allows you to operate the arm with ease.

The monobloc constant potential significantly reduces the dose to the normal radiographic findings.

Harmful radiation at low energy is almost completely eliminated obtaining images of high definition, in either traditional, digital and phosphor system, safeguarding the health of the patient.

Using an exclusive timer placed in the engine block, is facilitated setting the exposure parameters with pre-set programs and modifiable by the end user.

Further security is provided by the systems exclusive thermo switch that blocks the emission RX in the event of failure of the timer.



Classification: Electro medical equipment of Class I with part applied type B

Head: Self-rectifying enbloc assembly Models

Type: 70 kV

Feeding Voltage: 230-240 Vac. 50Hz

Maximum power absorbed from the net: 0,430 KW

Cone Diameter: 60mm

Max Symmetrical rays field: Diam. 60 mm to SSD 200 mm

Anodic Current: 8 mA

Anodic Voltage: 70 KV

Emission time: From 0.040 mS to 2.000 mS scale R10

Exposition times: Predefined

Max anodic voltage: 70 KV

Reference current time: 8mAs to 70 Kv, 8mA, 1S

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