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Portable Ultrasound Scanner

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21.0014CD - Portable Ultrasound with Colour Doppler and 3.5MHz Convex Probe


Excellent performance and different applications according to the user's demands: Abdomen, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Cardiac, Urology, Vascular, Small Parts, Orthopaedic, Interventional Emergency, Musculoskeletal, Nerve Blocks, Thoracic Cavity etc.

Compact and streamline design, easy to carry.

12 inch high resolution medical LED monitor with 90 degrees rotation.

Two activated transducer connectors.

Standard configured gel heating cup.

Dual/Triple synchronous.

Linear independent deflection imaging.

DICOM 3.0 supported.

Support multiple data transmission interface.

Optional built-in lithium battery for extended battery operation.

Speckle noise reduction technology

Spatial compounding imaging technology

Image enhancement technology

Tissue harmonics imaging technology

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