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Operating Theatre Lights LED Type

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P/n 22.0330 - LED Ceiling Mounted Operating Lamp with Single Lighthead
P/n 22.0335 - LED Ceiling Mounted Operating Lamp with Dual Lighthead
P/n 22.0340 - LED Ceiling Mounted Operating Lamp with Triple Lighthead
P/n 22.0345 - LED Mobile Operating Lamp with Single Lighthead
P/n 22.0350 - LED Wall Mounted Operating Lamp with Single Lighthead

A range of cold light LED surgical lights. All lights feature a no glare precision reflective focus. An optimised colour temperature at 4300ºK ensures optimal clarity in the operating field. Focal lengths from 60 - 180 cm.

Adjustable microsurgery lighting mode. High Colour Rendering Index.

Environmentally friendly delivers 160,000 Lux at a maximum of 36W. The polycarbonate lens cover has embedded 4,760 convex lens. A smooth easy to clean light head cover helps to protect the light.
Optional UPS, Video Camera and Monitor Systems available.

Technical Specifications

Light head Diameter 62cm
Articulation Radius 170/183/198 cm
Light head Adjustment 105 cm
Illumination Mode Reflection LED
Central Illuminance/1M/Light head 0-160,000 Lux
MIS (Endo) Light 0-28,000 Lux
Colour Temperature 4300ºK + 300
Colour Rendering Index 92 + 4
Focusable Light Head Height 60 - 180 cm
Depth Of Light 60 cm
Depth Of Illumination (L1 + L2) 110cm
Light Field Diameter 15 -28 cm
LED Quantity bulbs/light head 36 Bulbs
LED bulb life 50,000 hours
Heat to light ratio 2.6 mw/m² Lux
Maximum Power 36W at 160,000 Lux/1m
Power Supply AC100-240V

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