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LED Operating Light with Camera and Monitor

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P/n 22.0900 - LED Operating Light with Camera and Monitor

P/n 22.0900 - LED Operating Light with Camera and Monitor


· Digital control system with adjustable brightness and colour temperature (3500 - 5000k)
· Significant energy-saving effect, the consumed energy is only 10% of the normal incandescent lamp and 50% of the halogen lamp under the same brightness.
· LED lights have a 50 x longer life span than a normal halogen bulb, they are designed for use for up to 50,0000 hours. This minimises the likelihood of a bulb change being required during a procedure. Running costs and downtime are therefore reduced.
· Even illumination, high shadowless rate, high definition and a consistent field reduces the need for adjustment during a procedure and provides high quality working light for the theatre team.
· LED lights do not emit UV or Infrared light waves, so this helps to keep the operating theatre cool, creating a more comfortable work environment

Camera Features

· Monitoring function: real-time display of four picture segregation
· Video function: real-time video of all images
· Back play function: select back play key to replay pictures
· Networking ability

Technical Specifications

Illumination: 160,000+180,000
Remote control: Yes
Colour Temperature: 3500-5000k
Diameter of Spot: 150-400mm
Illumination depth: >800mm
Light Adjusting steps: 1-9
Restore Colour index: 95-98
Shadowless proportion: 98%
LED using life: >50000h
Working distance: 500-2000mm
Up near the Doctor's head temperature: <1°C
Power supply: 110-240V: 50/60Hz
Ceiling minimum height: 2400mm
Back-up battery 12V: Optional
Consumption: 200W+200W/12V
Net weight: 77KG

Camera: SONY FCB-EX980P
Image sensor: 1/4" Super HAD CCD pixels 800,000
Horizontal Resolution: 480TVL
Camera Lens: 26 times zoom, f=3.5--91mm
Digital Zoom: 12x(312 times zoom)
Horizontal Field: 42.2° (close)~1.6° (far)
Minimum object distance: 32mm (close),1500mm (far)
Minimum Illumination: 2.0LUX/F1.4
Power supply: 6-12VDC/1.6W-3.2W
Net weight: 450G

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