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Infant Warmer - BabyCare 40

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P/n 4.0060 - BabyCare 40 Infant Warmer

Servo control: Skin temp of Baby, Air temp of bed
Sensor used to measure the bed or skin temperature
RS232 Connector
Light touch control panel waterproof
Set temperature and actual temperature display separately
Apgar timer
Heating consumption 0-100%
Four Alarm Indentification
Radiator box adjustable in tow direction from 0º - 90º
Bassinet gradient adjustable in 3 deg.
X-ray tray under the bassinet
Far infrared quartz heater tubes
Rail on the bed is easy to move

Technical Specification:-
Power supply: AC220V 50 Hz
Power input: 600VA
Air Temperature control range: 25ºC~37ºC
Skin Temperature control range: 34ºC~37ºC
Sensor precision: ≤0.1ºC
Uniformity of bed temperature: ≤0.8ºC

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