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MRI Scanner - Open Type

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44.0035 - MRI Scanner - Open Type

44.0035 - MRI Scanner - Open Type


Comprehensive application suite and powerful software.

Patient friendly appearance.

Open C Shaped magnet.

Minimal sitting requirements. About 46m².

Low operating costs.

Permanent magnet NO helium.

Auto Pre-Scan

Power supply: 3N~380/400V 50/60Hz 10KVA



Operating field strength: 0.30 Tesla (3000 Gauss).
Magnet type: Full open C-shape, eddy current free, self temperature control.
Magnetic material: Permanent Nd-Fe-B magnet.
Homogeneity: (400mm DSV) ≤ 2.5ppm (Vrms).
Shimming: Passive and active shimming.
Patient gap: 400mm.
Dimension: 1760 x 1200 x 1530cm.
Net weight: 12,000 kgs.

Gradient System

Gradient strength: max. 18mT/m (Gx/Gy/Gz)
Slew rate: 60mT/M/ms (Gx/Gy/Gz).
Gradient linearity: 5% (400mm x 400mm x 380mm).

RF System

Frequency range: DC-32 MHz.
Spectrometer: Digital (single channel)
Transmitting coil: Flat planar coil.
Receiving coils: Phase array coil (neck coil, head coil, large body coil, small body coil, knee coil, wrist coil, shoulder coil).
Optional coils: Spine coil, breast coil, ankle coil, etc.
Max. receiver bandwidth: 1.25MHz.
Power of transmitter amplifier: 5KW.

Computer System

Operating system: Windows 2000/NT/XP.
CPU: ≥2.8GHz (Dual Core Processor).
Hard Disk: ≥160 GB.
RAM: 1024MB (1GB).
Display device: ≥ 20" TFT.
Network and laser printer interface: DICOM 3.0.
Software: Bespoke software.

Pulse Sequence

Standard IR

Spin Echo ( SE 2D/3D)

Multi-slice multi-echo (MSME)

Gradient Echo (GRE 2D/3D)

Steady state process gradient echo( SSPGRE)

Fast spin echo (FSE)

Single shot fast spin echo (SSFSE)

Multi shot fast spin echo (MSFSE)

Inversion recovery (IR)

Inversion recovery fast spin echo (IRFSE)

Short time inversion recovery (STIR)

Fluid attenuated inversion recovery ( FLAIR)



Diffusion weighted imaging (DWI)

Echo planar imaging (EPI)


Acquisition matrix- 64/128/256/512

Resolution- 1mm(head 24cm FOV 256X256); 1.5MM(body 30cm FOV 256X256); 0.5mm(head 24cm FOV 512X512); 0.75mm( body 30cm FOV 512X512)

Maximum display matrix- 1024x1024

FOV 20 ~ 400mm

Slice thickness- (2D/3D)Min.1mm(1mm increment)

Slice Orientation- Sagittal, coronal, transversal, any angle any oblique

Image Type- T1 Weighted imaging , T2 weighted

imaging ,T2* weighted

imaging , proton density imaging; Water Suppressed Imange, Fat Suppressed Image, MRM, MRU,MRCP; Magnetic Resonance angiography (MRA), Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI)

Patient Table System

Max. Patient load about 220kg;

Available with laser light localizer for patient positioning

Intercommunication between patient and operator available




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