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MRI Scanner - Open Type

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P/n 30.6011 - MRI Scanner - Open Type

P/n 30.6011 - MRI Scanner - Open Type


Comprehensive application suite and powerful software.
Patient friendly appearance.
Open C Shaped magnet.
Minimal sitting requirements. About 46m².
Low operating costs.
Permanent magnet NO helium.


Operating field strength: 0.30 Tesla (3000 Gauss).
Magnet type: Full open C-shape, eddy current free, self temperature control.
Magnetic material: Permanent Nd-Fe-B magnet.
Homogeneity: (400mm DSV) ≤ 2.5ppm (Vrms).
Shimming: Passive and active shimming.
Patient gap: 400mm.
Dimension: 1760 x 1200 x 1530cm.
Net weight: 12,000 kgs.

Gradient System

Gradient strength: max. 18mT/m (Gx/Gy/Gz)
Slew rate: 60mT/M/ms (Gx/Gy/Gz).
Gradient linearity: 5% (400mm x 400mm x 380mm).

Frequency range: DC-32 MHz.
Spectrometer: Digital (single channel)
Transmitting coil: Flat planar coil.
Receiving coils: Phase array coil (neck coil, head coil, large body coil, small body coil, knee coil, wrist coil, shoulder coil).
Optional coils: Spine coil, breast coil, ankle coil, etc.
Max. receiver bandwidth: 1.25MHz.
Power of transmitter amplifier: 5KW.

Computer System

Operating system: Windows 2000/NT/XP.
CPU: ≥2.8GHz (Dual Core Processor).
Hard Disk: ≥160 GB.
RAM: 1024MB (1GB).
Display device: ≥ 20" TFT.
Network and laser printer interface: DICOM 3.0.
Software: Bespoke software.

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Auto Pre-Scan

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