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Handheld Diagnostic Tympanometer / Audiometer

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13.3012 - Handheld Diagnostic Tympanometer / Audiometer

A professional handheld tympanometer for setting fast and reliable testing in an easy and cost effective way.

Provides objective measures that cannot be obtained by otoscopy alone.

Tympanometry analysis performed: Peak compliance, peak pressure, gradient, equivalen ear canal volume

Probe tone: 226 Hz Pressure levels: + 2-00 daPa to –400 daPa

Ear volume measurement range: 0.2ml to 5ml

Sweep speed: Typically 200-300 daPa/sec; depending on ear and cavity volume.

Pressure limits (safety shut off): +600 to –800 daPa Data

Results can be obtained with little effort and with no response from the patient. This is especially beneficial when dealing with difficult to test patients or small children.

Can hold test results of up to 40 patients in its memory, this makes it possible to screen a large group of patients and print out the data at a later time.

PC integration with an optional infrared USB interface and software. Full data transfer to PC.

Supplied complete with handle and set of 139 disposable ear tips (mixed sizes).


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