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Handheld Diagnostic Tympanometer / Audiometer

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P/n 13.3012 - Handheld Diagnostic Tympanometer / Audiometer

The 13.3012 is well suited for diagnostic use as tympanograms and optional reflex responses are all recorded with great detail. You can detect otitis media, a perforated eardrum, cholesteotomas and certain neurological disorders. You can also check tympanostomy tubes and follow up on post medical treatments.

Technical Specifications

Tympanometry Analysis performed:
Peak compliance; peak pressure, gradient; equivalent ear canal volume
Probe tone: 226 Hz pressure levels: +200 daPa to -400 daPa
Ear volume measurement range: 0.2 ml to 5 ml
Sweep speed: Typically 200-300 daPa/sec;depending on ear & cavity volume. Pressure limits (safety shut off): +600 to -800 daPa data
Data storage: 30 records. Any recording can be stored once the tympanogram is viewed
Data held: Patient initials, tympanogram and reflex graphs and analysis for left ear and/or right ear, time and date of recording, which ears were tested, whether or not the record has been printed and for sent to a PC, parameters printed and/or sent to a PC, parameters used for analysis, other data

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