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Crystal Delta Oxygen Concentrator Driven Anaesthetic Machine

Anaesthetic Machine with alternative supply to the traditional cylinder supply
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Key Features

• No cylinders required.
• Never runs out of oxygen.
• Easy maintenance.
• Single gas oxygen 0-5 Lpm Rotameter.
• BS patient outlet.
• Runs from electrically powered 02 concentrator which converts ambient air into oxygen ata rate of:-
2 Lpm 95% + 2%
4 Lpm 95% + 2%
5 Lpm 93% + 2%
• Compatible with Selectatec or cagemount vaporisers.
• Dimensions: 128 (H) x 37 (W) x 33 (D) cm.

Standard Configuration

Anaesthetic machine on 4 castor stand includes
1 x O2 Rotameter, 1 Set of Disposable Breathing Circuit, 1 x Reservoir Bag, 1 x Vaporiser
Mount & 1 x 5lpm Dual Flow O2 Concentrator

Optional Extras

Circle Absorber

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