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Anaesthesia System Encore 3000

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1.3000 - Encore 3000 Anaesthetic Machine

The most advanced Anaesthetic Machine with high technology

1.3000 - Encore 3000 Anaesthetic Machine

The most advanced Anaesthetic Machine with high technology

Environmental Specifications

Work Environment

Temperature: 10~40°C

Humidity: 5~95%,non-condensing

Barometric pressures: 70~106 KPa


Storage environment

Temperature: -20~55°C

Humidity: 10 ~ 95%, non-condensing

Barametric pressures: 50~106 KPa

Physical Specifications

Size(HxWxD)(cm): 141x95x65

Size(HxWxD)(inches): 56x37x26

Weight: 110kg/243lb


Top shelf

Light for illumination

Weight limit: 30 kg/66 lb

Width: 55cm/22in

Depth: 36 cm/14in


Work surface

Height: 87cm/34 in

Width: 55cm/22in

Depth: 22 cm/9in

Size: 1210 cm2/198 in2



Soft closing

Number of drawers: 2

Height: 20cm/8in

Width: 39cm/15in

Depth: 40cm/16in


Type: Colour TFT LCD (touch screen)

Size: 12.1 inches

Resolution: 800 × 600 pixels

Trends: 24 hours


Alarm Indication: 8 (yellow, red, and when the senior and mid-level alarms occur simultaneously, only flashes red)

AC power indicator: Green

Battery indicator: Supply: green; Charging :orange


Knobs: 1 (Support clockwise/counterclockwise rotation and pressing operation)

Buttons: 4 (Alarm Silence, Alarm Reset, Home, Start/Standby)

4 castors, diameter 125mm with brakes

Pneumatic Specifications

Gas supplies

Pipeline gases: O2,Air,N2O

Cylinder gases: O2,N2O(optional)

Cylinder connections: Pin indexed

Primary regulator output pressure: Less than 400kPa

Pipeline connections (filtered): DISS, NIST. All fittings available for O2,Air and N2O

Pressure displays: Pressure gauges and system display

Pipeline inlet pressure: 280-600kPa(41-87)psi

Pressure-relief valve: Approximately 665 kPa (96 psi)

Flush flow: 25L/min to 75L/min

N2O Cut-off pressure: Internal O2 supply pressure less than 280 kPa



Connector: Male 22 mm conical connector incorporating a coaxial female 15mm conical connector. Shared with inspiratory port.


Fresh gas(Electronic mixer)

Total flow range: 0 to 20L/min

O2 flow range: 0 to 15L/min

N2O flow range: 0 to 12L/min

Air flow range: 0 to 15L/min

O2 flow accuracy: ±100ml/min or 5% setting valve, which is greater

Balance gas(N2O/Air) flow accuracy: ±100ml/min or 5% setting valve, whichever is greater

Total flow accuracy: ±100ml/min or 10% setting valve, whichever is greater

O2 concentration range: 21% to 100% (The balance gas is Air)

25% to 100% (The balance gas is N2O)

O2 concentration accuracy: ±5%Vol.

Electronic mixer response time: 500msec (10% to 90% flow step)

Compensation: Temperature and autopheric pressure compensated to standard conditions of 20°C and 101.3 kPa

Hypoxic guard: Electronic


Alternate O2

Range : 0 to 15L/min

Indicator: Flow tube

Indicator accuracy: ±200ml/min or 10% setting valve, whichever is greater (under 20°C and101.3 kPa)


Auxiliary O2 supply

Gas supply: O2 in the system

Flow range: 0 to 15 L/min

Accuracy: ±5% of full range (under 20°C and101.3 kPa)

Electrical Specifications

External AC power

Input Voltage: 100-240V

Input Frequency: 50/60Hz

Input Power:

Leakage current limit:

Resistance to ground: Less than 0.2Ω

Fuse: T10AL/250V

Power cord: 3M


Auxiliary output supply

Output voltage: 220-240V / 100-120V

Output frequency: 50/60Hz


Internal Battery

Number of batteries: 1

Battery Type: NiMH

Rated battery voltage: 12VDC

Battery capacity: 4200mAh

Shutdown Delay: Less than 10min (powered by new fully-charged battery after the first low-power alarm)

Shortest supply time: 90min

Charging time: 4h

Communication ports: Cal. Port, RS-232, USB port, VGA Output

Breathing System

Connector: Inhalation and exhalation ports: standard OD22mm, ID 15mm, tapered connector

Manual bag port: standard OD22mm, ID 15mm, tapered connector

System leaks: In any mode, the system is not greater than140ml/min leakage

Volume of gas lost due to internal compliance (Manual mode only):

APL valve: Approximately 0 to 70 cmH2O

Airway pressure gauge: -20 to +100 cmH2O


Water collection cup: Can be disassembled independently. Approximately 12mL.

Respiratory system resistance: Inspiratory impedance: less than0.6kPa

Expiratory resistance: not more than 0.6 kPa


Standard modes of ventilation: VCV, SIMV-V, PCV, SIMV-P, PSV, Backup(VCV, PCV), Manual, Standby

Optional modes of ventilation: PRVC, SIMV-PRVC, ACGO

Waveform: Pressure, Flow and volume

Waveform(Optional): AA, CO2, N20 and Pleth

Loop: Pressure-volume loop, Pressure-flow loop and Flow-volume loop

Trend: 1, 4, 12, 24hours

System Test: Manual Leak Test and Automatic System Test


Ventilator parameter ranges

Tidal volume range (VT): Adult: 100 to 1600ml

Paediatric: 50 to 360ml

Infant(Option): 10 to 100ml


Incremental settings (Tidal volume): 10 to 100ml (increments of 5mL); 100 to 1600ml (increments of 10 mL)

Pressure control range (Pinsp): 5 to 70cmH2O (increments of 1cmH2O)

Pressure support range (Psupp): 0 to 70cmH2O (increments of 1cmH2O)

Inspiratory/expiratory ratio: 4:1 to 1:10 (increments of 0.5)

Inspiratory time: 0.1 to 10s (increments of 0.1s)

Frequency: 4 to 100 breaths per minute for VCV,PCV,PRVC and SPONT/PSV (increments of 1);

1 to 40 breaths per minute for SIMV, SIMV-P and SIMV-PRVC (increments of 1);

Flow trigger (Fsens): 0.5 to 20LPM(increments of 0.1)

Pressure trigger (Psens): 0 to 20cmH2O(increments of 1)

Expiratory trigger (Esens): 5 to 80% (increments of 5%)

Inspiratory Pause range (Pause): 0 to 60%(increments of 5%)

Tslope: 0 to 2s (increments of 0.1s)


Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP)

Type: Integrated, electronically controlled

Range: OFF, 3 to 30 cmH2O(increments of 1 cmH2O)


Ventilator Parameter Monitoring

Parameter Range Accuracy
Tidal Volume Inspiration 0~2500mL ±8% or 20ml
Tidal Volume Expiration 0~2500mL ±8% or 20ml
MV 0~60L/min ±1LPM or ±15% of setting
MVspont 0~60L/min ±1LPM or ±15% of setting
Frequency 0~100bpm ±10% or 2bpm
Ratespont 0~100bpm ±10% or 2bpm
I:E 9:1~1:99 ±20%
Ppeak 0~100cmH2O 2cmH2O or 10% of setting
Pmean 0~100cmH2O 2cmH2O or 10% of setting
PEEP 0~100cmH2O 2cmH2O or 10% of setting
Pplat 0~100cmH2O 2cmH2O or 10% of setting
Pmin -20~100cmH2O ±10% or 2cmH2O
Compliance 0~300mL/cmH2O ±20% or 5mL/ cmH2O
Resistance 0~600cmH2O/(L/s) ±20% or 5cmH2O/(L/s)












Alarm Parameters

Tidal Volume Upper limit 30~2000 mL
Lower limit OFF, 20~1500ml
MV Upper limit 1~99 L
Lower limit 0~98 L
O2% (Optional) Upper limit 19~100%,OFF
Lower limit 18~99%
Airway Pressure Upper limit 10~99 cmH2O
Lower limit 1~98 cmH2O
Frequency Upper limit 1~100 bpm
Lower limit 0~99 bpm
EtCO2 (Optional) Upper limit 0.1~13.3 %/0.1~13.3 Kpa /1~100 mmHg;
Lower limit 0~13.2 %/0~13.2Kpa/0~99 mmHg;
FiCO2 (Optional) Upper limit      0.1~13.3 %/0.1~13.3 Kpa /1~100 mmHg;
Inhalation Anaesthetic Gas (Optional) Upper limit Isoflurane, enflurane: 0.1~7.9%, OFF; Sevoflurane: 0.1~9.9%, OFF;
Lower limit Isoflurane, enflurane: 0 to 7.8% ; Sevoflurane: 0 to 9.8%
End a Callenesthetic Gas (Optional) Upper limit Isoflurane, enflurane: 0.1~7.9%, OFF; Sevoflurane: 0.1~9.9%, OFF;
Lower limit Isoflurane, enflurane: 0 to 7.8% ; Sevoflurane: 0 to 9.8%
SpO2 (Optional) Upper limit 50~99%, OFF
Lower limit 49~99%
Pulse (Optional) Upper limit 31~250 bpm
Lower limit 30~249 bpm
PI (Optional) Upper limit 0.1~20%
Lower limit 0~19.9%
CIRCUIT OCCLUSION!!! Airway pressure>PEEP+15)cmH2O, continuously high pressure (>15+1)s
APNEA 10~60 s, Increase: 5 s
MAINS FAILURE Automatic battery backup
BATTERY LOW 10~30min
MUTE ≤120 s
PRESSURE < -10cmH2O < -10cmH2O

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