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Anaesthesia System Encore 1250

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1.0904 - Encore 1250 3 Gas Anaesthetic Machine

1.0904 - Encore 1250 3 Gas Anaesthetic Machine


10.4″ TFT colour LCD screen, touch screen

2 x drawers 200x392x398mm (HxWxD) *NEW "soft close"

Pneumatic and electronic control

Suitable for paediatric & adult use

Integrated absorber system with heating function, bypass design, easy assembly, autoclavable

Audiovisual alarms

Built-in battery

Built in expiratory PEEP valve

Gas supply: O2, N2O, Air

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1410x950x650mm, 110Kg

Maximum load on top: 30kg

Multiple wave display PAW-T, FLOW-T, V-T lung mechanics parameters and loops (P-V, V-F)

24 hour patient data trend

Electrical Specification

Mains: 100-240V AC. 50Hz/60Hz

Battery type: NiMH 12V DC

Battery minimum supply time: 90 mins

Battery charge time: 4 hours

3 auxiliary output power interface


6 tubes flowmeter

0.05~10 l/min

Gas system:

Hypoxic guard system

O2 flush


Patient type: Adult & Paediatric

Ventilation modes: VCV, Manual, Standby, PCV, SIMV-VC

Ventilation modes kit: SIMV+PCV, PSV

Advanced ventilation modes kit (PRVC, SIMV+PRVC)

Tidal volume: 50~1500ml


Respiratory System

Absorber Canister Capacity: About 1,500ml

Connection: Inhalation/Exhalation ports: standard OD 22mm, ID 15mm; tapered connector

Manual breathing bladder port: standard OD 22mm

System leak: <140ml/min

Respiratory system resistance: Inspiratory/expiratory: <0.6kPa

Parameters Setting

Tidal volume: Range 50-1,500ml

Frequency: 1~100bpm

Tinsp: 0.1~10.0s

I:E: 4:1~1:10

Pause: 0-60%

PEEP: OFF, 3~30cmH2O

Pressure support: 0~70cmH2O

Pressure Control: 5~70cmH2O

Flow Trigger: 0.5~20cmH2O

Pressure Trigger: 0~20cmH2O

Ramp: 0~2s

Monitoring Parameters

Inspiratory tidal volume: 0~2,500ml

Expiratory tidal volume: 0~2,500ml

MV: 0~60 l/min

MV Spont: 0~60 l/min

Frequency: 0~100bpm

Rate spont: 0~100bpm

I:E: 9:1 to 1:99

Ppeak: 0~100cmH2O

Pmean: 0~100cmH2O

PEEP: 0~100cmH2O

Pplat: 0~100cmH2O

O2%: 15 to 100%

Compliance: 0~300 ml/cmH2O

Resistance: 0~600cmH2O / (L/S)

EtCO2 (optional): 0~13.3%

FiCO2 (optional): 0~13.3%

Anaesthetic agent: PHASEIN gas module for anaesthetic agent


MV, Paw, Continuous Paw high, Vte, Rate, FiO2, Mains failure, Battery low, Battery discharged, Gas supply failure, O2 supply failure, Apnoea

Tidal volume: High: 30~2,000ml, OFF; Low: 20~1,500ml

Minute ventilation: High: 1~99l; Low: 0~98l

Respiratory rate: High: 1~100bpm; Low: 0~99bpm

FiO2 (optional): High: 22~100% OFF; Low: 20~99%

Airway pressure: High: 10~99cmH2O; Low: 1~98cmH2O

Continuous positive airway pressure

Negative pressure alarm: Airway pressure is less than –10cmH2O

Oxygen deficiency alarm: Oxygen pressure is less than 0.28MPa; alarm sound pressure level of not less than 60dB

Alarm mute: ≤120s

Inhaled oxygen concentration <18%: FiO2<18% Vol


Pressure values: Pmin, Ppeak, Pplat, Pmean, PEEP

Volume/Flow values: MV, Vti, Vte, MVspn

Loops: Pressure-Volume, Volume-Flow

FiO2, f, fspn, Rst, Cdyn

Waveform: Paw, Flow, Volume 

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